Here at City Preschool our aspiration is to provide a supportive, homely, nurturing, environment with our primary focus being the wellbeing of our children. Our approach to children’s care and education is founded on genuine respect, trust and having strong reciprocal relationships with you and your child, so they feel comfortable with in their surroundings.

We believe as teachers that we should respect each child and their learning environment and that it should be unhurried, meaningful interactions and let our infants/toddlers develop in their own time.

As a team we encourage and support independence and problem solving skills by giving our infants and toddlers time and space to explore. Primary caregiving is in place so that children are able to form a secure attachment and trusting relationship with one staff member. Routines through out the day are based on each child and their personal routine’s at home.

We aim to provide a cozy loving environment where your child can grow and thrive and feel physically and emotionally safe to explore the world around them. Our aim is to provide an environment that invites curiosity, exploration and play stimulates and challenges their sensory learning and development.

Our aim is to extend and support children to express themselves clearly, to initiate and maintain reciprocal relationships, through quality interactions with their peers. We believe that it is important to empower our children to take and active role in developing their independence, and social competence by encouraging self – help and care skills through daily routines.

We value diversity within our Centre and acknowledge that children come from diverse backgrounds. We enjoy celebrating our own unique Centre cultures and believe it is important for children to participate and acknowledge cultures that are different from their own.  We strive to promote a warm, welcoming and respectful environment that fosters a sense of belonging.

We recognize that our unique bicultural heritage is an important foundation for us and will acknowledge and uphold our commitment to The Treaty of Waitangi,(Te Tiriti o Waitangi), through our teaching practice and routines. We believe our children have a right to experience the languages, music, art and stories of Aotearoa.

Our team is passionate about the care and education of young children. We view this as a special time and a unique opportunity to make a valuable contribution to their journey in life.

Our centre ethos is a living document based on the reflective thoughts and aspirations of the team at City preschool.

City Preschool Staff